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Video - Fox peddles doomsday - why?

Beck warms against "Bubba"
It's hard to tell what evil Fox is up to now.

The "news" network was completely happy to provide daily - make that hourly - support to the first full blown American tyranny (Bush/Cheney & Co.)

Now they're devoting regular air time to spinning doomsday scenarios that involve the federal government morphing into a full blown tyranny including the military shooting at US civilians.

"Bubba" is being painted at the source of the potential problem.

Who is "Bubba?"

According to arch slime ball Glen Beck, Bubba is rural man who is:

* self-reliant down to making his own bio fuel
* uses the Internet to educate himself and communicate with other "Bubbas"
* reads, believes in and is willing to defend the Constitution
* owns guns and is prepared to use them if provoked
* is community minded and does not trust the federal government

That sounds like a good American who has his head screwed on right to me.