FoxPan, IsCan, and Galloway | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

FoxPan, IsCan, and Galloway

Macleans (a Canadian news magazine /SR) is all confused about who is keeping Galloway out of Canada. They wonder what part the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) actually played in it. They should have asked me. None, except to carry out orders. The government lied, period. Does it all the time. The Canadian JDL has blown the cover by going on record as saying they opposed Galloway's entry into the country. See the video where Galloway confronts them in my earlier blog entry. And don't forget Kenney's pals, the rabbis.

Jews have a lot of occult guilt over what's being done to Palestinians and hidden guilt tends to express itself by creating more of same.

The utterly hypocritical alliance between Israel and evangelic Christianity (one side suckering the other into supporting it by turning itself into a "Holy Land" theme park - the other side playing nice while plotting to either convert all the Jews from their inferior religion, or happily consign them to eternal hellfire) has allowed some of the worst crimes in history.