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FPA Statement 5 on the Gaza Strip Massacre

Consecutive Statements of the Free Palestine Alliance
A Tribute to Our Youth:
FPA Statement 5 on the Gaza Strip Massacre
December 31, 2008

This is the fifth in a series of statements the FPA is issuing daily on the ongoing Gaza massacre that has entered its fifth day. As of the time of writing this statement, at least 394 Palestinians have been murdered and more than 2,000 have been injured. The number of killed and injured continues to rise as the Zionist Israeli army persists in its savagery and more people are uncovered from under destroyed homes and neighborhoods.

The intense bombardment has been indiscriminate, targeting homes, markets, schools, neighborhoods, places of worship, along with administrative offices and government centers. Lest it is forgotten, these bombs are raining on the roofs and streets of a starved and besieged people, whose only lifeline and access to the world have been mere hand-made tunnels that have now been completely destroyed.

The vehicles and weapons of destruction are US-made and paid for by American tax dollars during a time the people in the US are losing their homes to foreclosures, jobs to lay-offs, and retirements to swindling CEOs. Pulling the trigger is the Zionist Israeli army under an international diplomatic cover, including complicit Arab regimes. The trigger is pulled each time with the full support of the Bush administration while the elected president, Obama, remains suspiciously and immorally quiet.