Free Gaza: Free the Fetters of Mankind. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Free Gaza: Free the Fetters of Mankind.

It is plain these courageous people are passionate humans and that they are not naïve. They will be sailing south from Cyprus in the next few days inshallah. An entity with the fourth largest armed forces on our planet will browbeat them with threats. It might use force but it would be unwise to; images can be uploaded to satellites at an instant. They have no arms, no nuclear bombs or thermobaric weapons [7] as used for the assassinationof Palestinians in Gaza. But they have principle, will and purpose. May the winds carry them swiftly and safely to the people of Gaza who will crowd on the shores to cheer the sisters and brothers, four of whom are Palestinian.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let all people who believe in freedom from tyranny support these people, and publicize their mission in any possible ways we can.