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The Full Damage of Facebook Billionaire Sean Parker's Fantasy Wedding

When California regulators told Sean Parker that the elaborate, Tolkienesque set for his wedding wasn't permitted, he went along anyway. Was this just eco-oversensitivity? Nope: Parker's grotesque ceremonial mound was a redwood-damaging, erosion-spilling indulgence.

From a new report by the California Coastal Commission (unearthed by The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal), it's clear that Parker didn't give a damn about the consequences of an artificial castle in pristine woodlands—"Neraida," the company he created just to oversee his wedding, didn't obtain any necessary permits. He and his wife wanted a dream wedding with elven cottages, and they were going to get it, even if it meant settling with state regulators for $2.5 million after the fact. When you help make Facebook a billion-strong global entity, you don't worry about permits, my friend. Permits are for the rest of us.




What's 2.5 million fine to a Billionaire?Reminds me of the Sierra Ckub president who built himself a huge home with elaborate REDWOOD decks and other items he and his minions were denying the peons.
Or what about the other Warmers who see nothing wrong travelling all over, having multiple homes creating huge carbon Footprints for themselves but demand the peons pay fines and economize.

Follow the money and stop believing what anyone tells you - do your own investigation for the truth.

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