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Gates in plea to Israel for 'patience' over Iran

The United States has once more urged Israel to remain patient as it attempts to reignite fizzled diplomatic contacts with Iran over its nuclear enrichment programme while indicating that the window for Tehran to respond would not remain open for ever.

The message, which betrays renewed anxiety in Washington that Israel may be tempted to take military action, was carried to Jerusalem yesterday by the US Defence Secretary, Robert Gates, who held talks on regional security with his counterpart Ehud Barak and the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The picture at the upper right of this article says it all: Gates has been given his marching orders on Iran by Barak and Netanyahu.

Were I a betting person, I might be tempted to bet that such an attack by the US (and perhaps Israel, although they really love to outsource the fighting and dying bit to the Americans, as happened in Iraq) will happen before the end of this year.