Gaza’s bloody Monday | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Gaza’s bloody Monday

As Ahmed was too shy to approach the woman, Khader and I went and talked to her. After introducing ourselves, we asked for her address, so that Ahmed could visit her family with a marriage proposal.

It was my only contact with Ahmed.

On 14 May this year, I came home, feeling weary after covering the latest massacre committed by Israel. When I opened my laptop, I saw pictures of Ahmed on the Internet. He was one of around 60 demonstrators killed on that day. He was 27 years old.

Learning that Ahmed was among them saddened me, even though I had just met him once. I began to weep.

The next morning I phoned Khader to console him. Later, we both went to Ahmed’s funeral. The sense of shock among the mourners was almost palpable.

Ahmed did actually marry the woman he was too shy to approach. Her name is Hanan.

She is 24 and graduated with a teaching degree from the Islamic University of Gaza, where Ahmed was studying business administration.

Their daughter, Mariam, is less than a year old.