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George Pell's court case: Some background

Since he moved from Australia to Rome in 2014 for a senior role in the Vatican, Cardinal George Pell has been reluctant to re-visit Australia. When he was asked to appear at Australia's national Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, he preferred to appear from Rome only by video-link. In 2015 he said health problems were preventing him from travelling to Australia. Now, in mid-2017, Victoria Police have charged him with "multiple" sexual offences allegedly committed by Pell some years ago in the state of Victoria, involving "multiple" complainants. Therefore, Pell has been granted leave from the Vatican by Pope Francis, while Pell and his lawyers fight the criminal charges in Australia. This Broken Rites article gives some background about Pell's travels in the years 2014 to 2017, based on our research into the public hearings of the Royal Commission.

The Royal Commission's public hearings examined how the Catholic Church authorities in Australia have handled (or mis-handled) the general issue of church-related sex-abuse.


(alleged) pedophile Pell, Catholic church, lawyers


Now there is a 'holy' cesspool.
(alleged) pedophile Pell, Catholic church, lawyers -

No matter what, who, where, when - in the end, the lawyers milk this for all it's worth and as always, the taxpayers will pay the bill.
"And if the defence lawyers don't like the final result of the court case, they could appeal against it, creating further delays.
Therefore, it could be a long time before George Pell's lawyers have finished the battle."

Maybe the priesthood should include castration of its members.

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