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Google Losing its Market to Yandex in Russia

The Russian IT company Yandex, responsible for introducing its search engine of the same name, and which is often regarded as one of the best alternatives to Google, the world’s most frequently used search engine, is effectively taking the Google's market share in Russia.

It is expected that Yandex will go even further after it introduced a new version of its search engine, which is now based on real artificial intelligence that not only opens the requested sites, but also suggests the desired solution.

Based on the Korolev algorithm, the company’s own creation, the search engine can, while aided by the neural network, compare the meaning of the query and the desired website. Artificial intelligence is tuned to be accurate when searching in Russian realities and expectations.

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"now based on real artificial intelligence"

that term is being used too loosely.
there is no such thing.

maybe a well programmed expert system, but not AI

AI will exist the minute a computer can self expand, meaning self-build itself more parts, memory, and cpus, self program itself, and self power itself, and not a minute sooner.

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