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The Governor Has No Clothes

In a reasonable society, that should be it for Sarah Palin. She showed nothing in the debate that indicates she is ready to hold high office. Apparently some mainstream media types are applauding her for meeting their low expectations. Those of us in the real world saw someone who is unprepared, shaky, and capable of saying astounding things–her suggestion that the vice president should have more power and her follow-up statement that she agrees with Dick Cheney’s view of the office was absolutely stunning. That alone cements what we have come to know about Palin–she is simply not ready for prime time.

Some other golden nuggets: when asked to give an example of how she had changed over the yeats, she referred to her “quasi cave-in” during budget negotiations. Yes, that’s what Americans want in a leader, the ability to cave under pressure. At another point, Palin suggested that she should be cut slack because she has only been at this for five and a half weeks. That pretty much speaks for itself.

She also looked incredibly callow when she suggested that her experience as a parent gave her unique insight into the real world problems Americans face. Biden’s response made her look clueless as he pointed out that his own experience as a single parent gives him his own insight into what it means for families to deal with hard times.

When Gwen Ifill asked the candidates to describe how they would act in a bipartisan manner to solve problems in Washington, Palin bizarrely took the opportunity to attack Obama and Biden.

The pundits are gamely trying to prop Palin up, but this was a disaster for Palin. There were moments that reminded me of the Couric interview as Palin babbled incoherently. The burden was squarely on Palin to show that she is ready to be president, if necessary, and she simply did not do it.