As Guaido Re-Enters Venezuela Monday, Bolton Threatens US Action If He's Detained | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

As Guaido Re-Enters Venezuela Monday, Bolton Threatens US Action If He's Detained

US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido plans to re-enter Venezuela on Monday after previously meeting with Vice President Mike Pence and other regional leaders in Colombia last week, and after visiting with the president of Ecuador on Sunday. The Maduro government, including Venezuela's Supreme Court, has said he could face up to 30 years in prison for violating a prior travel ban placed on him — something which the US has balked at, saying it would take action if Guaido were prosecuted or harmed.

In a speech posted to social media on Sunday, Guaido referenced other notable opposition leaders currently imprisoned or under house arrest: “Tomorrow we will return to our country, there is a risk on returning, many politicians like Leopoldo Lopez and union leaders are imprisoned but if the government seizes me, there are clear steps to take, mobilization is the first one”, he said according to Bloomberg. And attempting to stoke the momentum of anti-Maduro protests which seem to have faded in the country, he added, "we will take the streets" and that “I will announce next political steps tomorrow. This process in unstoppable. Political transition has already started.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder: had Juan Guaido been chosen as the US's "sacrificial lamb", ultimately to be assassinated by the very elements he trusted for safe passage back home?!?

Will his imprisonment/"neutralization" by US alphabet soup agencies be his end, if he really goes back to Venezuela today, to create a larger outcry?!?

Assassinations are as Deep State American as apple pie; I seriously doubt that Guaido has even though about this, but right now, he really needs to consider this possibility, given the number of times this has happened on the international stage.