The Guantánamo “Suicides”: A Camp Delta sergeant blows the whistle | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Guantánamo “Suicides”: A Camp Delta sergeant blows the whistle

According to the NCIS, each prisoner had fashioned a noose from torn sheets and T-shirts and tied it to the top of his cell’s eight-foot-high steel-mesh wall. Each prisoner was able somehow to bind his own hands, and, in at least one case, his own feet, then stuff more rags deep down into his own throat. We are then asked to believe that each prisoner, even as he was choking on those rags, climbed up on his washbasin, slipped his head through the noose, tightened it, and leapt from the washbasin to hang until he asphyxiated. The NCIS report also proposes that the three prisoners, who were held in non-adjoining cells, carried out each of these actions almost simultaneously.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

all three men had been put on "a list of prisoners to be sent home." One of them was only a few weeks away from his formal release.

Does that sound like men ready to commit suicide?

Or did they, like the prisoners still being kept at Guantanamo, have stories to tell, stories of far worse treatment than waterboarding? Did their bodies, like that of Binyam Mohammed, carry scars that posed a threat to the US Government's claims of humane treatment of captives?