Haley: Iran Has Repeatedly ‘Thumbed Its Nose’ at UN Resolutions, It ‘Must Stop’ | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Haley: Iran Has Repeatedly ‘Thumbed Its Nose’ at UN Resolutions, It ‘Must Stop’

United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley scolded Iran on Wednesday and urged the UN Security Council to adopt the Trump administration's approach to Iran by addressing the nation's "destructive conduct."

"The security council has repeatedly passed resolutions aimed at addressing Iranian support for terrorism and regional conflicts, but Iran has repeatedly thumbed its nose at those efforts," Haley said. "Worse, the regime continues to play this council. Iran hides behind its assertion of technical compliance with the nuclear deal while it brazenly violates the other limits on its behavior."

Haley went on to say that the UN Security Council has allowed Iran to get away with violations, and that it "must stop."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gee, for a moment there I thought she was talking about Israel!



Why talk bad about Israel ?


(*Her "Boss" L-O-V-E-S Israel , and he likes to use public persecution , as an economic alternative to pink slips .
She's keeping herself in line , while proving her 100% devotion to the GOP/Neocon plan of the day .
She does the same thing Ben Shapiro , and Tucker Carlson do to their on air studio guests .
She does the same thing Sarah Huckabee Sanders does to members of the Press Corps .
Nikki Haley Annihilates The UN Security Council , as well as Rush Limbaugh annihilates a perfectly good car radio .
Besides , Netanyahu is one of the few world leaders that commended Trump on decertifying "The Deal" !)

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