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Harbinger of a New Age

Against the outcries and warnings of the mandarins of the establishment, the President is withdrawing all US troops from Afghanistan. America’s longest war ends in a in a deal that was offered years ago but was rejected by the same dead-enders in the Pentagon who are pouting mightily at the moment.

Meanwhile Trump continues to hurl regular fusillades at deadbeat NATO, and, most important of all, he continues the process begun at Singapore – pulling the rug out from under a longtime bastion of the military-industrial complex. His meetings with Kim Jong un are a dire threat to the incredibly lucrative cornucopia of cash, careers, and elite prestige that comes out of that long-frozen conflict to this day.

That’s where the chorus of opposition is coming from and, the closer the Koreans get to an agreement, every kind of (state-sponsored) “@expert” is bound to pop out of the wall averring that no agreement is possible.

That’s because they don’t understand the historical role Trump is playing as an entirely new chapter in the history of the human race begins.

Think of it: the conflicts and power struggles that have our present society tied up in knots are all products of the ideas and technologies of the nineteenth century: Marxism? In an automated world? And then there’s our own system of oligarchical capitalism – institutionalized cronyism and corruption – that has produced a reaction of increasing virulence – Trumpism and its international spore.


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Author: Justin Raimondo
Justin Raimondo is editor-at-large at Antiwar.com, and a senior fellow at the Randolph

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