Hawaii's Mega Tsunami Threat | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Hawaii's Mega Tsunami Threat

This is a visualisation of what would happen if the Hilina Slump collapses. The rift is definitely opening further.

A Slow Emergency and a Sudden Slump
" This type of motion is not new, it actually has a name. It is called the Hilina Slump. During the last strong quake in Hawaii, a magnitude 7.2 event on November 29th 1975, this slump slid toward the ocean by about 11 feet. Another temblor, the 7.9 magnitude Hawaii quake of 1868 caused the slump to move as well, resulting in a tsunami with a maximum wave height of about 60 feet.
A complete failure of the cliff at the southern side of Hawaii along the extensional Hilina Fault system, however, would generate a huge, sudden disaster. It is estimated that about 10 percent of the island’s total volume could be affected by the collapse. The huge slide could generate a magnitude 9 quake, which is comparable to the largest earthquakes ever measured. It would also generate a megatsunami with an estimated wave height of more than 1000 feet throughout the islands.