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Head of the Ukrainian General Staff: Russia is preparing to attack us on three sides

THE PRESIDENT of the Ukrainian General Staff Viktor Muzenko has declared that "there is a real threat of the Russian army's three-side attacks."

From north, east and south.

He cited - without offering any evidence - that Russia was ending the formation of military formations that, together with special units, would "make up the bulk of the invading forces".

At the same time, he claimed that the Ukrainian army - because it will fight in its own country and, thanks to its high mobility, adapting and autonomy - will have a "strategic advantage" over the Russian "invading forces".

This is most likely in the function of the Ukrainian presidential
election, whose first round will be held on March 31st.

The deputy Ukrainian minister of "temporarily occupied territories" Yuri Grimchak was much more open than the man and said that the state-military-summit in Kiev expects the "Russian invasion" to come "between the first and second round of presidential elections."

One of the candidates for the president of Ukraine - Sergei Krivonos - called on the "citizens of Ukraine" to prepare for the war against Russia:

"Our people must be armed. Scary guns. We must prepare it for a war that can take years. "

The Crimean politician Ruslan Balbek was the first to react to Musenko's claim:

"Cowards always have big eyes. The Ukrainian general is made up of people with rabbit hearts. They should simply ignore what they are talking about. "

State Duma official Viktor Vodolacky told the Man:

"Russia has never attacked its own friendly country. Ukraine is needed today by the Americans and NATO against Russia, but we are never attacking the nations that are friendly to us. "




so that's where shlomo will pay the hoes to slide in those false flag orders into the jackets of the genetards.....

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