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As Home Values Fall, Property Tax Revolt Brews

Property taxes have become a rallying point for disgruntled Americans because, unlike sales or income taxes, they can be challenged directly by individual citizens: Some 40 percent of assessment appeals are successful. Yet the movement threatens already stressed counties, putting the tax receipts that pays for schools and police at risk.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

People are beginning to realize that even though the US has a rather kabuki-like process which passes for elections, what we are dealing with now is the 21st century version of taxation without representation.

The reason this ..."movement threatens already stressed counties, putting the tax receipts that pays for schools and police at risk" is because of unfunded mandates, coupled with inflation, and the very small stream of tax money coming back to counties due to the debts brought on by these unending wars.

Unfortunately, these wars do not appear to be any where close to conclusions, and seem to be on the verge of escalating on Obama's watch.

Congressional representatives have simply become acquisitions of the large corporations, who support their campaigns both overtly and covertly. The same can be said of state, country, and municipal governmental officials. We do have the greatest government money can buy, and that's just a fact.

When Bush was first "elected", (read: appointed by the Supreme Court in an election more crooked that a dog's hind leg), were the American people voting for endless wars that had to wind up putting our economy on the skids, save for the select few who profited handsomely, like the owners of BLACKWATER, DYNCORP, etc.?

I don't think so.

And with the Bush and Obama bailouts, I want to know this: who bails out the small business people, who live and die by how good their decision making is?


People are starting to get angry at governmental structures in this country - from the Executive and Congressional branches of government on down - which have committed to activities that bring absolutely nothing back to We the People.

Endless wars; corporations taking good American jobs overseas; the corruption and absolute bankruptcy of our government: this has been the recipe for the disaster in which we find ourselves at this moment in history.

The question is: where do we go from here?!?!?!?