Hopi Way of Life on Verge of Being Lost!! | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Hopi Way of Life on Verge of Being Lost!!

For those of us that can only peek inside the traditions of indigenous people, we are fascinated and intrigued by their ancient ways. If this calls to your inner soul for something more, consider the following:

What if…

… Someone Attempted To Erase Your God
… Your Religion Became Illegal
… Your Beliefs Vanished
… Your Rituals Died With You
… Everything You Know Was Forgotten
… Your Voice Was No Longer Heard
… Your Culture Became Extinct

Unlikely? Think again, as these are current threats facing the Traditional Hopi Way of Life. Sadly, these threats are coming from within the Hopi Nation. The empowered Governing Council, which is supported by the Federal Government, is controlled by Hopi unsympathetic to their ancestral ways. In fact, this Governing Council has scheduled a referendum for January 27th, 2011. If passed, the four remaining Traditional Chieftain villages will be eliminated. These villages will no longer have the freedom to choose their path but will be mandated to follow direction from the Governing Council.