House approves $96.7 billion to fund wars | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

House approves $96.7 billion to fund wars

“The president cannot wave a magic wand and end that war,” said House Appropriations Committee Chairman Dave Obey, a Democratic critic of the two wars.

“I have a profound doubt that he can succeed, not because of any problem with his policy but because I am dubious that there are the tools available in that region for us to succeed using any policy,” said Obey.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If this is actually true, why did the House and Senate give Obama this money for more and more wars????

If this is true, passing of this appropriations bill was the absolute antithesis of what Congress should have been doing.

Taxation without representation? Is this what the American people want?? Go talk to them. Most of the people with whom I have spoken point to the crumbling infrastructure, the messes on their roads, and in their schools; imagine for one second what that amount of money could do in terms of making massive improvements in all those areas?!?

Of course, it appears that this Congress has never met a war it didn't love and didn't want to fund.

This has nothing to do will the well-being and/or safety of We the People; it has everything to do with those corporations which make billions from these wars without end.

And that .....just bites.