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House passes $675B defense spending bill

The House easily passed $675 billion in defense spending Thursday after lawmakers tacked on provisions to bar the Pentagon from doing business with the Chinese telecom firms ZTE and Huawei and to pave the way for a dual purchase of aircraft carriers by the Navy.

The vote was 359-49, with 137 Democrats joining all but three Republicans to pass the fiscal 2019 defense appropriations bill.

The legislation would continue Republican-led efforts to build up the military. Rep. Kay Granger (R-Texas), who chairs the House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee, called the legislation the "next critical step" in boosting U.S. military might.

"The priorities funded in this bill not only stop the erosion, but also enable our military to restore and increase their competitive advantage," Granger said on the floor.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

NO, Representative Granger, the quality of product in America's weaponry will not improve until a couple of things happen, and I will tell you what they have to be.

First, corporate heads of weapons manufacturers believe that, because they contribute so much campaign money to both parties,that it is just fine if products are delivered so late that they are obsolete upon delivery; that products don't have to function as promised, and that vast budget over-runs are completely normal.

There need to be two laws to address that; and the first is that weapons manufacturers should be forbidden by law from giving campaign contributions. And secondly, and this should be in every contract signed for military weaponry and components; if the products are delivered so late as to be obsolete upon delivery;, do not function as advertised; and have huge cost over-runs, that the presidents of those companies will be considered to have committed treason against the US military, tried, convicted, and serve jail time.

As draconian as these steps sound, they will cure the problem of the US military not getting its "bang" out of the money it spends on its weaponry.

The Russian and Chinese military now have the technological lead in weapons design and execution, and are spending far less than does the US military; so now, the US government and military are being forced to play "catch up".

As much as I hate war as a way with which to resolve international differences, when US-made weapons are deployed, I want our men and women in uniform to have the best of the best.


But, but, but,..........


Where are we going to get the money?!?!?! How are we going to pay for it??!!!?

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