How the British Government are gagging critics | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

How the British Government are gagging critics

“Every election is a referendum. The winner is the person who sets the question”.

This mantra, passed from campaign manager to campaign manager down the generations, is key to understanding how political communication works. You don’t win by having the best answer. You win by setting the question.

Again and again in this election we see this from the Tory-media complex. And perhaps the most profound example has been the series of letters, co-ordinated by the Conservative Campaign HQ, in which business bosses tell us that we must support the Tories for the sake of the economy. These missives have acted as vertebrae studded up the spine of Osborne’s campaign: holding it up, keeping it straight. They’ve ensured that the media has a series of new ‘events’ to talk about, relating to their one core subject, the economy. It’s not that they make detailed arguments about national economic strategy, never mind that they win those arguments. It’s enough that they ensure we are talking about it: it’s the one major area where voters trust the Tories more.