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How Many More Must Die for Israel?

It turns out that Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA), Barrack Obama, really does want to run for re-election in 2012 and therefore he has done something which will be announced before the end of the Judeo-Christian Hannakuh celebrations. But thanks to our little bird, who also knows how to use a flash drive, we know what the IVPFAA is going to do. He and some of his new advisors are truly going to bring us hope and change and they are going to prove it by having the Department of Fatherland Security release to all military and government agencies next week the brand new design of the American flag. Soon it will be flying over top all those buildings in Washington DC that you get to pay for and in all those 700 or so military bases we have around the world that you also get to pay for. And now, since you are one of the chosen elites who is allowed to read Mantiq al-Tayr on a regular basis, you can scroll down and see the new Stars and Bars, err, Stripes, whatever. Anyway, isn't it a beauty? Gives me a chill.

I have heard at least two pretty good alternative media types the past few months talk about an interesting aspect of Israel's obsession regarding Iran's ever acquiring even one nuclear weapon. The theory, discussed months before the latest deluge of Wikiwitzleaks documents, says that Iran's having a nuclear weapon would mean that even fewer Jews would immigrate to Israel to live on land stolen from the Palestinians and that in fact Israel might even have a net exodus some day if Iran gets a nuke. And of course, this would mean that the Arabs, who seem to like to have sex a lot, being Arabs and all, would then quickly outnumber the Jews and then Israel would be like South Africa, etc, etc. Actually, Israel would have to improve in order to become what South Africa used to be, but I digress.