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How Relevant is Holocaust Revisionism?

Although “Holocaust remembrance” remains well entrenched in our society, its impact seems to have diminished in recent years. In part this is because the men and women of the World War II generation are nearly all gone. But another factor has been a major shift in the world-political situation. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the Soviet empire, the end of US-Soviet “Cold War” rivalry, the Nine-Eleven terror attack in 2001, the US invasion and occupation of Iraq, and current world economic crisis, have ushered in a new era – one in which the Holocaust imagery of the 1940s is less potent because it’s less relevant.

Criticism of Israel and its policies has become much more common in recent years, even in the United States. Among thoughtful men and women, and especially in the youth, sympathy for Israel has fallen perceptibly, while skepticism about the role of the Holocaust in society has grown.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In the aftermath of Bush's lies about Saddam's "nookular bombs", Americans have had to confront the reality that they live under a government willing and able to lie to them about very important things.

Certainly the intense propaganda campaign by Israel over the Gaza massacre shows a willingness by Israel and its supporters to twist the facts to suit political agenda. Hence, prudence demands a re-examination of all dogma we have been force-fed during our lives.

It may all be crap!