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How they flip votes with paper ballots

A friend in Florida just told me of his experience in voting this morning. He wasn't hampered in any way because they use paper ballots. But what he told me is startling. They could be trying to turn the flow of red to blue votes. If this is widespread, it could have a significant impact across the country where paper ballots are used.

Here's his story ...

I was standing in line and started reading a sign. The sign said:

You are voting in a Primary Election, if you registered democrat you MUST vote Democrat. If you registered Republican you MUST vote Republican. If you are an independent you may only vote for non-partisan items such as local amendments.

I’m sure that’s not the exact wording but you get the idea.

I asked one of the election officials why that sign was posted. She looked at it, got a worried look on her face, said “I don’t know”, and removed the sign. I then saw her take the sign to another official and I overheard the other official say “Well, I didn’t put it there”. The sign was placed in a plastic container and life goes on.

Now, if Republicans that were going to vote for Obama changed their vote because of that sign ...

Kind of make one wonder does it not?