Scott Adams: Obstructing Hoaxes, Biden and Bernie, Healthcare, Russia, and Hamas | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: Obstructing Hoaxes, Biden and Bernie, Healthcare, Russia, and Hamas

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Obama admin Russian Collusion investigators…
…may have also been running the Russian collusion hoax?
Is obstructing them (if true), obstruction of justice?
Our opinions are assigned to us by the media we follow
Our opinions tend to match the news we follow
Did Mark Schneider save the world?
Senators and Congressional people follow me
Did they see and understand Gen IV concepts here?
Mark is my guest here on Periscope, Tuesday April 2nd
Mark Schneider: @SubSchneider Nuclear Expert
NO experience has become a Presidential candidate qualifier
Obama had almost no political experience
Biden’s long record is a target rich environment
Bernie’s head injury and…Bernie’s political policies
Kamala is protected so far, no Dems are coming after her
After all the white males are taken out, she’ll be the candidate
Hamas support seems to waning across the Muslim world
HOW and WHEN did the Russia investigation begin?
ONE person, hand-picked four people to decide if Russia hacked election
Did ONE person (James Clapper) shape the conclusion?
Four intelligence people…NOT 17 intelligence agencies
Millennials aren’t having much sex, why?
Dating hookup apps have a female advantage
100% of women are selecting the top 20% of men
Porn quality, availability, and the “crossover” point
The Russian climate model is the only one predicting current data
Other top 30 models aren’t accurately predicting new data
Russian climate model says climate change NOT a danger
NOBODY has challenged the accuracy of Russian model
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