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Hungry in Zimbabwe: 'If you rest, you starve'

Officials from Mugabe's party toured the Doma district recently and told the new farm owners that the government could not supply their needs. They were advised to make do with what seed they had left, and with animal manure for fertilizer.

Ordinarily, after harvest the cotton fields are burned to protect the next year's crop from disease. Not this year. People couldn't afford to buy new seeds, and were hoping to get another season out of last year's crop. Instead, the crops came up diseased.

Pasture has been burned by poachers to scare rabbits and rodents into traps. Deer are being hunted for food, and lions from remote parts of the Doma region and Chenanga nature reserve are killing cattle, donkeys and goats, villagers said.

Jackals, baboons and goats compete with villagers for roots and wild fruits.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Zimbabwe's natural resources include:

* coal
* chromium ore
* asbestos
* gold
* nickel
* copper
* iron ore
* vanadium
* lithium
* tin
* platinum group metals

And which country has been in the forefront of wanting to develop these resources?


As reported in

on 30 Sept 2008 by Darren Taylor:

"An international human rights organization based in the United States is warning that relations between Zimbabwe and China are in the future likely to be increasingly strained. The Enough Project – an alliance of scores of advocacy organizations from all over the world – says Zimbabwe’s recent power-sharing agreement could result in a realignment of Beijing’s relationship with Harare. China has in recent years given President Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF government significant political and economic support. Humanitarian groups say this has exacerbated Zimbabweans’ suffering."

“The fact that China throughout this (political and economic chaos in Zimbabwe) simply stood by and said, ‘this is an internal matter,’ I think sends a pretty clear message to Zimbabweans that the Chinese really don’t care about Zimbabwean’s human rights concerns, about their desire for democracy and about the overwhelming expression that it’s time for Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF to go.”

One has to wonder just how much more of this the Zimbabwean people will suffer through before they take matters into their own hands, with a blowback that Mugabe and all his henchmen cannot begin to comprehend.