If Bribery Is Illegal Everywhere... | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

If Bribery Is Illegal Everywhere...

...why aren't Goldman and the other major banks involved under indictment?

MUMBAI: Institutional investors who subscribed to the qualified institutional placement (QIP) of Money Matters Financial Services are unlikely to recover their investment in the debt syndication company anytime soon, say investment bankers .

Rajesh Sharma, CMD of Money Matters, was arrested by the CBI on Wednesday for allegedly bribing bank officials to get loans sanctioned for some developers. E-mail queries to Fidelity, GMO, Goldman Sachs did not elicit any response, while Morgan Stanley said it “did not comment on market transactions”. Investors also vented their fury on shares of IIFL, the broking firm which had arranged the QIP. The IIFL stock crashed 14% to close at .Rs 92.55.

Let me guess? "Unexpected" and "we didn't know"?

Uh huh.

Again, if you're engaged in some sort of organized felonious conduct in concert with other people, the common word for that is "Racketeering."