Impeachment Time

It is astonishing to observe some Americans twisting themselves into pretzels so they can continue to make excuses to explain the bizarre behavior of President Donald Trump on the world stage. The line most commonly heard is that he has “kept us out of new wars.” The reality is somewhat different. He has kept us in old wars in Afghanistan and Syria that he could have ended while also needlessly ratcheting up tension with countries like Russia, Venezuela, Iran and China that could easily escalate into armed conflict. The situation with Moscow is particularly dangerous as President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly warned that his country’s defense doctrine includes going nuclear if there is an attack on Russia by a superior force.

But the most frightening aspect of the current situation is the feeling that the man whose finger is on America’s nuclear trigger is not quite sane. The steady stream of insulting and vulgar tweets that seem to serve as a substitute for more substantial mental activity reveals a man who is profoundly ignorant, completely narcissistic and hopelessly insecure. To say the least, Trump is not presidential. He is not even rational except in a conniving, manipulative fashion intended to embarrass his adversaries and place them on the defensive. And his enemies list appears to include all Americans who are not “with him.”


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Of course there is nothing to the Russian Collusion story but there is plenty of things that Trump has done that deserve Impeachment.
My opinion is the Opposition to Trump based on Russian Collusion is a Psyop,purpose of which is to shore up support for this Israel loving NWO minion.
We are headed for war with Russia and China and most of the rest of the nations on the Planet. A war in which the American people will suffer first hand real war for the first time since The War of Northern Agression! Along with isolation as a Pariah nation,all part of the NWO plan.