Indian terror suspects linked to Mumbai plot | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Indian terror suspects linked to Mumbai plot

Police arrested four Indian Muslims for alleged involvement in a planned attack on Mumbai as early as February, a senior police officer who handled the case told The Times yesterday.

One of them, Faheem Ahmed Ansari, was carrying a fake Pakistani passport and a list and maps of nine targets in southern Mumbai, including the Taj Mahal hotel and other sites attacked last week, the officer said.

The revelation appears to undermine India’s assertion that the attack on Mumbai last week, in which 171 people were killed, was planned and executed only by Pakistani members of the militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), which has links to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency.

Security officials and experts have told the Indian Government that it faces a growing threat from home-grown Islamic militants recruited from the country’s 150 million-strong Muslim population. The officer’s claim also raises questions about Indian authorities’ failure to respond to warnings of an attack on Mumbai.