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Information War: Strike a decisive blow

I strongly suggest not clicking the above link, but copy and pasting it into a new window as your browser may reveal the referring link, alerting GIYUS of who you are, possibly banning you.

This is the so-called Megaphone program, they send instructions to their "information warriors" to attack sites like this one. These guys are quite low level, but their numbers flood a site making it seem like they have the dominant opinion and flooding out the signal with noise. Luckily for us, our enemy is stupid as this program makes no distinction of friend or foe. Use this to locate sites that are under attack and retaliate.

They also have another useful forum. This contains their so called "talking points" which they cut and paste:

Study these talking points, they will be easy to counter because we are morally and logically in the right. This war is quite easy to win, we have the numbers and our position is much easier to defend. Their position is trivial to attack. The only question is, can we be as organised as them in our retaliation?