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Investor: The Fate Of The Dollar Is ‘Getting Worse And Worse’

According to investment guru Jim Rogers, the United States has some major economic turmoil up ahead, including the fate of the dollar. The nation’s ballooning debt will only help worsen the dollar’s future and Rogers says it’s only going to get “worse and worse.”

Rogers admits that he still owns a lot of US dollars but not because it’s a sound currency. While speaking with RT on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok, he said the dollar is going to crash and burn. “So, you would say why do you own it [US currency – Ed.] then? I own it because more turmoil is coming, people look for a safe haven in turmoil so they will go to the dollar. It’s not safe but they think it is,” said Rogers.

But many nations are divesting from the United States because of the continuing debt problem, which will eventually blow up in the faces of every American. As governments attempt to cope with their own debt problem by raising taxes, everyday people are being forced to supplement their own income with loans, making this cycle one that is exceptionally precipitous.