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Iphone tracks your every move

YOUR IPHONE IS WATCHING every move you make and the Cupertino Cabal knows all about it according to Wired.

Insecurity expert Jonathan Zdziarski has found that the phone takes a temporary snapshot of pretty much everything you ever do on your touchy-feely phone.

It's all in the name of aesthetics, says Apple. The sneaky screen grab is used to make the swooshy genie effect, which sweeps your current page off of the screen in a very pretty manner, whenever you hit the 'home' button.

The file is immediately 'deleted' from the directory but, as anyone who knows anything about data storage is well aware, deletion does not permanently remove the actual ones and zeroes from the storage media, as many a criminal who has been busted by digital forensics will attest (stand up Mr Glitter).

So if you're planning a heist... don't do it on your Iphone.