Iran “schools” Trump, now seeking peace after weeks of childish threats | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Iran “schools” Trump, now seeking peace after weeks of childish threats

Introduction: Trump tells us no one was killed. If someone was, the US would lie about it but after hearing the deafening explosions at al Asad, thundering from 5 miles away, it must have been magic.

One report from Israel claims they received 224 wounded, flown to that country for treatment. That story is not confirmed.

Iran claims 80 Americans were killed. That is possible, even likely considering the size of the attack but also not confirmed. Trump could be telling the truth, there is no reason to not believe him other than than this would be the first time we have caught him not lying.


The drone....

Ethan Allen and...

that killed General Soleimani was in some reports a CIA drone,not a US Armed Forces drone. In 2 letters carried by the Swiss Envoy to the Iranians,Trump asked them not to blast one of our bases and instead inflict a proportional response. In other words,take out an American General or 2.
That probably didn't go down well with our Generals. Especially since they didn't do the deed,the CIA did. So the Generals are probably pissed at the CIA,Trump,Pence,Pompeo and the Iranians in that order. Can you blame them if they are mad? I wouldn't.
We have a very volatile situation here in our government,impeachment,government anarchy and chaos and anger,a divided country,everybody hating on everybody. And still maybe WW3 in Middle East.
Followed by a depression the like we haven't seen in 500 years. And we are sliding into a deep Solar Minimum,meaning less energy from the Sun,cooler temps,more cosmic rays,more rainfall and snowfall,crop failures and famine. With a threat in the end nuclear war as icing on this bitter wormwood frosting.
Hope the truce holds. We have enough problems.

The scowl.....

Ethan Allen and...

on the face of The Head of The Joint Chiefs of Staff says it all. He glares at Pence for several seconds