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Iranian Lawmaker: Iran Could Leave Nuclear Treaty

A conservative Iranian legislator warned Saturday that his country may pull out of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty after a U.N. resolution censuring Tehran – a move that could seriously undermine world attempts to prevent Iran from developing atomic weapons.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The UN resolution was a really bad idea, and not something engineered to build trust or confidence; but neither is any threat by Iran to leave the NNPT.

Of course, some knuckleheads in the corridors of power in the US and Israel are literally salivating about the prospect of a US/Israeli attack on Iran. These are, of course, people whose own kids will never die or get maimed for life in such a conflict.

I would hope that the "adults in the room" in Tehran, Tel Aviv, and Washington will back off, take a really deep breath, and understand that a regional war against Iran could go global faster than the speed of light.