IRS Gets Crushed in Washington State | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

IRS Gets Crushed in Washington State

It’s true that Minns’ unblemished string of acquittals for clients and reversals on appeal have won him widespread acclaim, but his combination of skills in which he maintained a practice suing bad lawyers and accountants led to his most unusual conquest; that of winning the largest Test Case Petitioner reversal and tax refund case in United States history. This accomplishment entailed obtaining a circuit court finding that the IRS had indeed committed a fraud in court against 1300 airline pilots during a 2003 tax case. Without missing a jab or combination flurry, Minns dismantled the careers of two corrupt IRS lawyers who promoted the fraud for fun, profit and self aggrandizement. Mr. Kenneth W. McWade and his superior William A. Sims were subsequently suspended from their respective state bars and lost their privilege to practice law before the Tax Court due to Minns’ efforts. This was the first time in history that IRS lawyers were publicly and thoroughly punished for their fraud, all the while on the taxpayers’ payroll. With that said, the IRS agents treat citizens with complete abuse, yet if we treat the IRS code with that much irreverence, you and I would end up in a jail cell. ??