Israel court approves demolition of scores of Palestinian homes | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Israel court approves demolition of scores of Palestinian homes

An Israeli court ordered the demolition of Palestinian homes because they were allegedly built in the “Peace Forest” but has given settlers permission to build there gives permission for settlers to build their homes, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported yesterday.

Palestinian residents of the homes appealed to the Israeli District Court in Jerusalem against the demolition order, but the court turned down their appeal.

According to Haaretz, the Israeli court upheld the demolition because, as claimed by the Israeli municipality, the houses are being built in what the municipality calls the “Peace Forest’ in the Abu Tor neighbourhood. It added that they had also been built without the impossible to obtain building permits.

According to the paper, two weeks ago, the Israeli municipality “tried to change the forest’s zoning so that Elad, an NGO that moves Jewish residents into Palestinian neighbourhoods of East Jerusalem, would not have to destroy some of the illegal buildings it has put up there.”