Israel Denies Using Weapons Containing Uranium Components on Gaza | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Israel Denies Using Weapons Containing Uranium Components on Gaza

So let's just look at these three photographs - one from Iraq, one from Afghanistan and now one from Gaza. You can see very clearly that they all show terrible defects that follow the same path, all of which are victims of uranium based weapons. Some of the other photographs I have viewed are far more grotesque and therefore I will restrict them to these three only. The first one on the left is from Iraq; the one in the middle is from Afghanistan and finally the one on the right from Gaza. The same situation is now repeating itself in Pakistan and India both of which are downwind of the current conflict in Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan. I am sure that given enough time we will get even more photographs from many other locations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Warning: heartrendingly terrible pictures, but I urge you not to turn away from them; because folks, the outcomes of these pregnancies demonstrate your tax dollars at work.

The use of weaponized DU should be banned internationally, right the heck now, period, end of discussion.