Israel takes U.S. handouts, buys U.S. media… | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Israel takes U.S. handouts, buys U.S. media…

“It is frightening how easily some in the American news media surrendered to a foreign public relations campaign that spent the 2010 equivalent of $36 million over two years. Time has proven most of the planted content to be misleading, if not dangerous.”

This article provides a fascinating insight into Israel’s hugely successful efforts to influence and control Americans’ knowledge of Israeli and Middle-Eastern affairs, and to mould opinion in Israel’s favour. I think it highly likely that ‘foreign aid’ funds provided to Israel by the U.S. enable Israel to ‘buy’ not just U.S. public opinion, but also U.S. politicians, by virtue of the AIPAC-controlled ‘political action committees’ that provide essential funding to candidates selected for their pliability.

I strongly recommend that the reader view the documents to which links are provided throughout this article. They demonstrate that this programme to influence and deceive has been going on for decades.