Israel teaches brutality to your security agencies | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Israel teaches brutality to your security agencies

Early this year, in Denver (Colorado) ex-Israeli soldier Eran Efrati, explained how Israel Occupation Force (IOF) have militarized foreign law enforcement agencies in countries like the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Turkey, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, India, etc. “Israeli soldiers are intensely trained for a war, whilst their actual military duties are to subdue and control Palestinians,” he said.

Currently, every Jewish-controlled media is talking about the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture practices that includes “interrogators threatened to rape a detainee’s mother, forced others to stand on broken feet, and inserted hummus into one’s rectum“, something routinely applied on Palestinian youth by Israeli interrogators. According to Karen Greenburg, a leading American national security expert, “After 9/11 we reached out to the Israelis on many fronts and one of those fronts was torture. The training in Iraq and Afghanistan on torture was Israeli training. There’s been a huge downside to taking our cue from the Israelis and now we’re going to spread that into the fabric of everyday American life? It’s counter-terrorism creep. And it’s exactly what you could have predicted would have happened.”