Israeli guards fire tear gas into prisoner’s hospital room | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Israeli guards fire tear gas into prisoner’s hospital room

An Israeli prison guard deployed to watch a hospitalized Palestinian prisoner reportedly fired tear gas into the intensive care unit room where the man was convalescing after treatment for injuries sustained during interrogation.

The Hebrew newspaper Maariv reported that an Israel Prison Service guard “accidentally” emitted tear gas in Samer Arbeed’s room at the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem earlier this month, requiring doctors to intervene.

Maariv said the incident was never reported to the prison service.

Arbeed was hospitalized on 27 September following his interrogation by Israel’s domestic intelligence agency, the Shin Bet.

But being hospitalized has not stopped his ordeal and Israeli prison authorities have continued to question Arbeed even while in the ICU.

Prisoners rights group Addameer said Israel’s torture of Arbeed caused him pneumonia and eleven broken ribs, among other serious injuries, potentially making exposure to tear gas even more detrimental to his health condition.

United Nations rights experts are calling on Israel to investigate claims of torture of Arbeed.

Addameer’s Mahmoud Hassan, Arbeed’s lawyer, was not informed of the tear gas incident.

In fact, the head of the ICU gave Hassan a medical report indicating that deterioration in Arbeed’s pulmonary system was due to a “contamination,” Addameer stated.

Israel extended Arbeed’s detention by eight days during a court session held at the ICU on 22 October after he was gassed. Hassan was barred from attending that session as well

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So torturing prisoners desperately attempting to recover from injuries the IDF has already caused by previous torture, is now standard practice in Israeli jails?!?

People who do this,and get pleasure from inflicting this kind of pain, cannot possibly be humans; and Mengele would be so proud of the louthead who did this!!!

And incidents like this, of which, I am sure there are many, simply create an even stronger argument for BDS to be applied to all Israeli-made goods, internationally; most Israelis speak Hebrew, but they are all bi-lingual when it comes to income, or the lack of it.