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Israeli military in PR offensive to explain civilian deaths in Gaza

The Israeli military has moved to deflect a mounting barrage of criticism over the deaths of hundreds of civilians during its 22-day offensive in Gaza.

The public relations drive by the Israeli Defence Force has been given impetus by allegations made by some soldiers that permissive rules of engagement failed to protect civilians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel went into Gaza secure in their belief that they could control the narrative of what the rest of the world saw; that Israel could prevent anyone from inside Gaza from getting information and images out, and that the owned and subservient corporate media would feed the public Israel's lies as truth.

But the corporate media no longer has a monopoly on the flow of information. The high ground in the war for the minds of the world is here in the blog-o-sphere. Israel didn't understand that, and as a result, Operation CAST LEAD exploded in their face and wrecked Israel's carefully crafted image as perpetual victim. Now they are trying to get it back, again trusting that if they only spend enough of the American Taxpayer's money on the problem, the world can be made to forget the images of dead Palestinian children.