Israel's new African friends will pay a price for this betrayal | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Israel's new African friends will pay a price for this betrayal

The split-screen juxtaposition had most of us trembling with anger. On the left, here was Ivanka Trump, the US president's daughter, beaming at the inauguration plaque outside the new US embassy in Jerusalem. On the right, Palestinians in Gaza were being pulled from the carnage of a bloodbath. At last count, at least 60 Palestinians were massacred. Another 2,700 injured by bullets and tear gas fumes. Gaza remains in trauma.

And while the usual tropes of Hamas involvement in inciting the protest movement have been spilling from American and Israeli mouthpieces - be they politicians, commentators or columnists - this week's devastating events left even the most neutral of observers stunned. How was it possible, in the 21st century, that such an atrocity could play out without consequence?

Multiple cameras, a soiree of international journalists and endless streams of social media had a massacre rolling in real time on our smartphones. Here we were: disoriented, helpless and useless.

While the imagery has left a powerful story about the indignity faced by Palestinians, and the impunity of Israeli aggression, the larger mainstream media, state and think tank machinery will find some reason or another to protect the perpetrators.

Surely the African nations in attendance know that they cannot endorse one crime and condemn the other - all in the same breath?