Israel's propaganda shows its guilt | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Israel's propaganda shows its guilt

Captured Terrorist: Mumbai Attackers Had Orders To Kill Israelis

By Haaretz Service
Sun. Nov 30, 2008

The only terrorist captured by Indian authorities following the Mumbai attacks told interrogators during questioning that he and his men were sent specifically to kill Israelis to avenge “atrocities” against the Palestinians, the Times of India reported Sunday.

[I doubt there is really a captured terrorist giving info. A patsy, maybe. I am convinced the attackers were guaranteed escapes. After all they were going to be trapped inside buildings, so they needed official help to get away. Could be that is why they were declared "killed." Carried out and then released. That is why they were so self-assured. They weren't on suicide missions. So only one supposedly is captured alive. How convenient for the authorities. There is absolutely no reason to believe ANY official information being given out, especially when the blame is being laid on Pakistanis and Israel wants to be the victim. Forget the Gaza genocide.]