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It's The Federal Reserve , Stupid !

Here’s the biggest myth about the ’Trump economy'
Nearly every media outlet repeats this idea constantly, but it's just not true.

The president doesn't control the American economy. It's an obvious fact, but it's worth emphasizing because a great deal of discussion about presidential politics and administration policy takes as a given that the president does control the economy.
He didn't, he can't, he won't.

Republicans used to acknowledge this. They used to say explicitly, "Government does not create jobs." Now they say, without a hint of irony, not only does government create jobs, but Trump himself is personally responsible for every job created in the country.
Of course, the government does take steps to manage the economy. The Federal Reserve plays the largest direct role in this on a day-to-day basis, and the president appoints its leadership on a staggered schedule (though Trump, interestingly, currently despises his own Fed chair's policies!). Congress also passes laws that have significant impacts on the economy>>>

(*if this article sheds light on anything it's the perpetuating of The Federal Express being part of The U.S Government malarkey )


Republicans used to


Republicans used to acknowledge this. They used to say explicitly, "Government does not create jobs."

(*That was for both Bush economies .
Bush1 started to tank Regan's semblance of a good economy , which Republicans , and the presently labled Democrat media refered to as Reaganomics . Their chanting of The President not controling the economy had to be sustained through Clinton's tenure , as it went from zero to 150 , topping Reagan , however they broke protocol to point out that Clinton DID reform the economy , but , as we are reminded daily , illegally . It was Bill Clinton , after all .
Bush2 wiped whatever it was that happened under Clinton off the face of the globe , and we all took our $350.00 check to wall*mart , like he told us to , and he handed off that sunken ship to Obama , which on Obama's innauguration , put an end to the practice of claiming The President Doesn't Control The Economy .
Trump kind of proves that it's BEX! that people want to hear , or Arting Up Of The Deal for his followers , that controls what they think is going on with the economy , wgich , as the old adage goes , is Good Enough for Government Work !
We'd need to bust a cap to get them to see how weak the economy actually is .
You don't even need the They Live glasses to see it )