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J7: The July 7th (London bombings) Truth Campaign recommended videos

Of the mainstream documentaries that have appeared in the five years since 7/7, all have stuck steadfastly to the official narrative of events, never daring to peer behind the superficial story that has been spun to explain away 56 deaths on the London transport network. No mainstream documentary has ever ventured into the territory that was once known as investigative journalism to look beyond the official narrative, nor have they ever endeavoured in earnest to elicit more information from the government and police than that which is already available.

With regard to the independently made documentaries available on the Internet, there was for a long time only one documentary that J7 would recommend anyone view, namely Ludicrous Diversion. Four years since the release of Ludicrous Diversion and another 7/7 documentary has appeared that receives the J7 seal of approval, 7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction.

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