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Japanese Slavery (current year) ??????

Japanese slavery, "voluntary overtime with no pay"
This is a huge problem in Japan. People are working 5 or 6 hours of over time every workday without any pay. A Japanese tv show tried to tackle the issue. They all admitted it was wrong and illegal but that it happens anyway. They said we should change but never said how. It is already illegal to not pay people for work, but there are no consequences.This might be related to why Japan has the highest suicide rate in the world.



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Hey Rye,

I have a book to reccomend, if you haven't already read it, related to the topic you posted:

Dogs and Demons: Tales From the Dark Side of Modern Japan
Alex Kerr
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Feb 10, 2002 - Business & Economics - 448 pages

A surprising assessment of the failures and successes of modern Japan.

In Dogs and Demons, Alex Kerr chronicles the many facets of Japan's recent, and chronic, crises -- from the failure of its banks and pension funds to the decline of its once magnificent modern cinema. He is the first to give a full report on the nation's endangered environment -- its seashores lined with concrete, its roads leading to nowhere in the mountains -- as well as its "monument frenzy," the destruction of old cities such as Kyoto and construction of drab new ones, and the attendant collapse of its tourist industry. Kerr writes with humor and passion, for "passion," he says, "is part of the story. Millions of Japanese feel as heartbroken at what is going on as I do. My Japanese friends tell me, 'Please write this -- for us.'"


This book has some interesting insights!!! Like all human societies, regardless of their virtues there is always an unseemly underside that most want to ignore. Japan is no exception.


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