Jewish group, Md. reach deal on future claims of Torah rescuer | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Jewish group, Md. reach deal on future claims of Torah rescuer

The probe followed a January Washington Post Magazine article that raised questions about Youlus's stories of rescuing Torahs hidden, lost or stolen during the Holocaust. In one story, Youlus claimed to have found a Torah hidden under the floorboards of a German concentration camp barracks years after the buildings had been demolished. In another, he described digging up a mass grave in the Ukraine and finding a Torah wrapped in a "Gestapo body bag."


Asked whether the probe had found evidence of fraud, Gansler spokeswoman Raquel Guillory said only that the investigation is over and that the agreement "addresses all the concerns our office had and clarifies how the company will do business going forward."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, this guy just made up a bunch of whoppers about rescued Torahs (shades of Oded Golan) and charges premium prices for his restored Torahs. He cannot verify any of the claims he had made about where these Torahs supposedly came from, and yet note how carefully the Attorney General treads around him; stopping short of actually charging him with fraud! A quick look at the Attorney General's religion suggests why!