Joe Average will no longer be manipulated by fear | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Joe Average will no longer be manipulated by fear

I’m very proud to be an American today. We did something important yesterday. I’m not going to comment on the market consequences, because I can’t pretend to be an economic expert. But I can comment on freedom and fear. Yesterday was about the rejection of fear.

For a long time now, powerful people have been able to control public opinion and pass rushed legislation with visions of boogeymen under our beds. They’ve used our fear to convince us to abandon our core principles. Yesterday, I found out that it’s still OK to have faith in Joe Average. He has been thinking of all the different things he has allowed to happen in the last few years, and he’s ashamed of them. We’re all ashamed of them.

Polls show that anywhere between 70 to 90 percent of Americans are opposed to the “bailout package”, while CNN screams at us about how VERY, VERY AFRAID we should be. We’re not certain about what’s best economically, but we are not going to be manipulated by fear. We’re willing to look down the gun barrel and tell our representatives - and our own children - that the market is supposed to be free, that hard work is supposed to be the key to success, and that it’s time the people resumed the ultimate responsibility for the government this country, and we will do so even if it’s painful and difficult.