Joe Biden Told 32 Lies In 96 Minutes Last Night. Here They Are. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Joe Biden Told 32 Lies In 96 Minutes Last Night. Here They Are.

The reviews we’ve seen of last night’s debate seem to suggest that President Trump got the better of Joe Biden by a handy margin, and that’s more or less what we saw. We thought Trump missed a couple of opportunities here and there, particularly for example when the topic was race and Biden was attempting to wriggle off the hook on the 1994 crime bill – we were thinking that if Trump had brought up Biden’s old “racial jungle” statement it could have burned him to the ground.

And on substance, we’re pretty sure that Biden committed a grave, perhaps fatal error toward the end when he declared war on oil and gas. As this morning’s American Spectator column by yours truly notes, Biden’s classic gaffe – defined as accidentally telling the truth – in which he admitted he would “transition” America away from oil almost assuredly will resonate in a bad way in a bunch of swing states (and maybe some which aren’t). It seems hard to imagine he can win Pennsylvania or Ohio after having said that, it’s certainly the end of any chance he had to make Texas competitive, and Trump might now have a shot at pulling out New Mexico and Colorado now that Biden has signaled the end of the economic future for the millions of Americans working in oil and gas.

And that admission came after Biden had already gotten into a back-and-forth with Trump on fracking, in which he denied he was for ending it and challenged Trump to prove the accusation he had. Trump, incredulous, said “You said it on tape!” Biden told him to play the tape, which is why this happened…