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'Joe the Plumber' lands book deal

I'm feeling whoozie and zeeing zerious doublez. I think I'm going to blow the lunch I haven't even eaten yet.

First Sarah Palin signs a book deal. And now Joe the Plumber!

My prospective publisher New Society Publishers is worried about the number of trees that get cut down in order to publish a book. And they are in Canada where there is hardly what could be called a shortage of trees!

I suppose, if I wasn't just a lowly moral philosopher, that if I were someone more the stature of the incomparable Joe the Plumber I could get just one of my books published. Maybe? Nah.

It's not the meek that will inherit the earth.

It's the obscene pre-planned, and pre-canned publicity streakers like Joe the Plumber who will inherit the earth.

Best of luck Joe. What are your plans for 2012?